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Early Education

Sisu is an integrated early learning school focusing on the development of the whole child. All children receive a general developmental assessment within the first 45 days of enrollment based on Georgia Early Learning Development Standards (GELDS). Tracking and evaluation of student progress using a portfolio system are ongoing throughout the program year.  Parents receive four progress reports per year. Staff utilizes a variety of educational resources as well as enrichment programs to create the optimal educational experience for children.

Sisu is Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS), Quality Rated, and licensed by Bright From the Start. We use the Creative Curriculum to support lesson plans as well as the Seedlings Character Education curriculum.

Classroom Strategies

  • 1:4 average staff to student ratio
  • Schedules that promote understanding and participation in daily classroom routines
  • Centers for learning, including computer centers
  • Educational materials that match unit topics
  • Positive discipline strategies and redirection
  • Interdisciplinary approach to learning, which includes parents, teachers, nurses, therapists and others
  • Language-based and print-rich environment, including the use of aided language symbols, that promotes expression of needs, wants, feelings and cognition, as well as literacy skills
  • Peer interaction through social skills lessons and activities
  • Self-esteem building through opportunities for success, with encouragement from caring staff
  • Participatory, child-led activities to enhance learning by promoting curiosity, encouraging initiative and fostering problem-solving skills