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Family Programs & Support

We seek to help families connect with the community by providing a variety of resources to support, empower and educate them. Whether it be financial aid, family outings or workshops, we aim to support parents and families so they have not only companionship but also the knowledge to make informed choices to enhance their child’s development and create an environment where their children can shine.

Parent-Teacher Connection

Our Parent/Teacher Connection (PTC) group works in coordination with Sisu staff to provide enrichment activities and information for families. Each year we look for parent volunteers to join the PTC.  Please contact Carla Brewer, Family Services Coordinator at for additional information. 

Parent’s Café

A relaxed support group where families can openly share and connect with others.

Parent Workshops

Provide parent education on featured topics such as picky eating, behaviors, IEP related questions, and much more.

Family Outings

Group activities to connect with other parents and students such as trips to a farm, the movies, parks, and museums.